Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco

Front Window Installation - Apotropaia: Deliver us from Evil" "Most cultures have symbols through which they express the need for protection. Certain objects have been designated as apotropaic (from the Greek for “to turn away”), having the power to ward off evil. They include, but are not limited to, bay leaves, various trees, copper, silver, … Continue reading Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco


Mill Valley – ‘Old Mill’ Quilt Block

Ann Belden was invited to create an installation for the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival 2017 at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, Ca., the weekend of September 16-17. The installation, “Old Mill”, is a representation of the Old Mill Design quilt block as an 18’ x 18’ wattle fence built by the artist with … Continue reading Mill Valley – ‘Old Mill’ Quilt Block